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Senreicha Sencha 60g (2020)
Senreicha Sencha 60g (2020)
Senreicha Sencha 60g (2020)
Senreicha Sencha 60g (2020)
Senreicha Sencha 60g (2020)
Senreicha Sencha 60g (2020)


Senreicha Sencha 60g (2020)


Senreicha Sencha, 60g.

Most people don't understand how "sencha" is different from "green tea."
I think that.
Nomura was also thinking. I'm still thinking about it.

"Green tea" is a tea that is heated immediately after it is harvested.
It's tea that doesn't ferment.
Conversely, completely fermented tea is "black tea"
If you write roughly in the order of fermentation

Black tea> Oolong tea> Green tea

is. In other words, green tea is not fermented at all.

There are various types of green tea
"Sen-cha" keeps exposing the buds of tea to sunlight
Tea with heat from the harvest
If it's not Sencha unless you continue to expose it to sunlight,
Tea buds that don't expose to sunlight When.
There is. It's called gyokuro or kabusecha.

Anyway, tea is confusing, right?
I understand your feelings.
But since it is a drink, you can drink it without knowing it.
(Important here)

If a person who is watching tea likes tea, this is common sense.
I have to write something different.

Well, my tea garden
A tea garden spreads out at the foot of the nameless mountain of Kamikawa.
However, it is as wide as 7 hectares.
Then, depending on the place, the tea tree
The sun and the speed of growth
The tightness of the slope also changes
The taste is slightly different in each place.

Also, since we have a small number of people working on the harvest,
It will take 2-3 weeks to harvest all the tea.
So the taste of the harvest on the first day and the last day is also different.

So that you can drink and compare the differences
I want to make a set product.
(I have already sent it to the owner)

I'm putting them together now, so
The tea I bought today and the tea I bought next week
It may taste a little different.

Of course there is a tendency for taste.
We don't use fertilizer, so
It's rather refreshing
It has a strong scent.

Also, what I always think is really often.
Well, many people will use up the water once
(Please use it up.
It is a hygienic NG to drain water many times.
Hot water is OK next to hot water)

I have many roasts.
Even after pouring hot water many times, the taste comes out,
Personally, the second roast is balanced
I think it's delicious.

I received a letter from my mother's friend,
"Recommended by your mother
After drinking for about 2 years,
I feel very delicious recently, so
I recommend it to my friends.''

.. .. .. Is your skill in tea making better?
If I keep drinking for 2 years, something awakens
Is it a mechanism that feels so delicious?

However, it's miso, but I think it's delicious!

Senreicha Sencha 60g (2020)

Senreicha Sencha 60g (2020)



Frequently Asked Questions

  • About cultivation method

    Our tea garden does not use pesticides or fertilizers purchased from outside the tea garden for the soil and tea trees of the tea garden. Weeds that have been pulled out and weeds that were cut during the maintenance of the tea plantation are used as charcoal and put into the roots of the tea trees.

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    All products are free of charge.

    Delivery is
    In the case of a small number, it will reach the post
    It is delivered by "click post".
    It depends on the product and the number of purchases. ..

  • What kind of products will I receive for the owner system shipping twice a year?

    Twice a year tea for now

    ・ From the end of May to the beginning of June

     New spring/summer tea set (mainly green tea)

    ・ End of November to early December

     Autumn / winter variety set (various teas)

    It will be a set of.

    The content is not like a big bag

    It is easy to understand if you imagine something like a gift set.

    We also accept requests for sencha only, hojicha only, etc. individually.

  • For wholesale and commercial use

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    senreicha @ gmail

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