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Senreicha Hojicha 60g
Senreicha Hojicha 60g


Senreicha Hojicha 60g

The best tea of Senreicha was roasted and finished with a high aroma.

Senreicha is cultivated in Kamikawa Town, which is located in the center of Hyogo Prefecture.

It has a long history, and in the first year of Kyoho (1716), the priests of the Sorenji temple in Awa no Sato (now Awaga-cho, Kamikawa-cho) who focused on the climate of Kamikawa encouraged tea making. is.

It is relatively cool, rains moderately, mountains are covered in fog, and the river is blessed with a clear stream.
It is said that in 1725, it was given the name of "Senrei" by the priest of Hokyoji Temple in Kyoto.

Since then, he said that he provided tea to Hogyoji Temple every year and distributed the tea to a wide range of people by marking the bag with "Senrei".

The tea garden spreads over 7 ha in the mountains, surrounded by mountains, and when you enter the tea garden
You can hardly see the artifacts other than the tea factory.

In addition, we have not used chemicals such as insect repellents and herbicides for over 20 years.

The characteristic of the taste is that it has a refreshing sweetness in a refreshing taste and can be drunk.
Since only the most tea is used, the richness and flavor of the tea is well established along with the fragrant aroma. In the coming hot season, you can drink deliciously even with water!

Senreicha Hojicha 60g

Senreicha Hojicha 60g



Frequently Asked Questions

  • About cultivation method

    Our tea garden does not use pesticides or fertilizers purchased from outside the tea garden for the soil and tea trees of the tea garden. Weeds that have been pulled out and weeds that were cut during the maintenance of the tea plantation are used as charcoal and put into the roots of the tea trees.

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