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Senrei</p>Hojicha salt made by tea farmers</P>20 g
Senrei</p>Hojicha salt made by tea farmers</P>20 g

株式会社仙霊 Senrei.Inc


Hojicha salt made by tea farmers

20 g

"I came up with a very good idea!"
And the idea that the staff gave me
"Like matcha salt,
It should be delicious if you combine Hojicha powder and salt! "
Was the idea.

We have an electric stone mill.
It’s not made by the manufacturer
One by one, a small stone mill for hand grinding
It is made by an individual who is remodeling to electric
It is made into powder as fine as green tea using an electric stone mill.

Read a blog like that production diary
I bought it because I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for stone mills.
The story will come soon.

And then my hojicha
It's actually ground and made into a powder as fine as matcha.
And salt, as long as I'm making organic tea,
I can't choose a suitable salt.

If possible, I would like to use Hyogo Prefecture's salt, preferably Harima's salt.
I thought it was.
Those who make salt for kettle cooking at Iejima.
(Please search for "natural salt of Iejima")

With the salt that has been wrapped in the minerals of the Seto Inland Sea,
I grew up sucking the minerals of the mountains of Kamikawa
Combine the roasted green tea powder of Senreicha
I chose "Hojicha salt".
Make a prototype,
What do you think when everyone eats over freshly cooked rice?

"It tastes like Ochazuke!

No, there is no twist when thinking about this now.
It was quite moving.

I tried other ingredients, but the one that impresses me is pork!
I used Hojicha salt for my acquaintance chef
I asked you to try pig shabu
The sweetness of the fat and the aroma of Hojicha match perfectly.

"The tonkatsu was good with mustard and roasted green tea salt."
Some people said that.

For now, rice and pork are at a moving level.
Please try it,
I would be happy if you could tell me that this was good.

The content is 20g.
It's about the same amount as the matcha salt in small bottles sold at supermarkets.

Senrei</p>Hojicha salt made by tea farmers</P>20 g


Hojicha salt made by tea farmers

20 g



Frequently Asked Questions

  • About cultivation method

    Our tea garden does not use pesticides or fertilizers purchased from outside the tea garden for the soil and tea trees of the tea garden. Weeds that have been pulled out and weeds that were cut during the maintenance of the tea plantation are used as charcoal and put into the roots of the tea trees.

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    All products are free of charge.

    Delivery is
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  • What kind of products will I receive for the owner system shipping twice a year?

    Twice a year tea for now

    ・ From the end of May to the beginning of June

     New spring/summer tea set (mainly green tea)

    ・ End of November to early December

     Autumn / winter variety set (various teas)

    It will be a set of.

    The content is not like a big bag

    It is easy to understand if you imagine something like a gift set.

    We also accept requests for sencha only, hojicha only, etc. individually.

  • For wholesale and commercial use

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