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Original blended tea (sencha)
Original blended tea (sencha)
Original blended tea (sencha)
Original blended tea (sencha)

株式会社仙霊 Senrei.Inc

Original blended tea (sencha)


A green tea blended with Senrei's original herbs.


"Ao no Kaze Blend Green Tea"

Ao is read as green.

I made it with the image of tea that opens a jewelry box at a tea time where you can take a break!


The blended herbs

laurel(Bay leaf)




It goes very well with the refreshing green tea of Senreicha.


Originally, herbs are said to have various effects as useful plants for humans.

A quick look



. Promotes digestion

Due to its ingredients and aroma, laurel has the function of improving stomach upset, increasing gastric juice secretion and helping digestion and absorption of food.



The scent of lemongrass has the effect of stimulating the human brain and refreshes your feelings when you are tired or weak.



Menthol contained in mint has the function of increasing the secretion of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Increased dopamine secretion can help relieve frustration and anxiety and provide a relaxing effect.



The recommended way to drink is

Once for one person2.5g3g (tea spoon1About a cup)In a teapot or teapot,

80°90°Pour hot water, about1Minutes.

2After the brew, you can pour hot water and drink immediately.


And how many roasts can you drink? When I tried

7Even the roast is delicious^_^


2Roast,3I was able to enjoy different flavors, such as the aroma of roasted eyes and lemongrass, and the freshness of mint.


How many roasts you drink depends on your personal taste.

I tried drinking with all the staff, but I like what brewI thisIt was really each.


Please try Sencha's original Sencha blended tea for your wonderful tea time.

Original blended tea (sencha)

Original blended tea (sencha)



Frequently Asked Questions

  • About cultivation method

    Our tea garden does not use pesticides or fertilizers purchased from outside the tea garden for the soil and tea trees of the tea garden. Weeds that have been pulled out and weeds that were cut during the maintenance of the tea plantation are used as charcoal and put into the roots of the tea trees.

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  • about shipping cost

    All products are free of charge.

    Delivery is
    In the case of a small number, it will reach the post
    It is delivered by "click post".
    It depends on the product and the number of purchases. ..

  • What kind of products will I receive for the owner system shipping twice a year?

    Twice a year tea for now

    ・ From the end of May to the beginning of June

     New spring/summer tea set (mainly green tea)

    ・ End of November to early December

     Autumn / winter variety set (various teas)

    It will be a set of.

    The content is not like a big bag

    It is easy to understand if you imagine something like a gift set.

    We also accept requests for sencha only, hojicha only, etc. individually.

  • For wholesale and commercial use

    I'm ready, so first

    senreicha @ gmail

    Please contact us.

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