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Hojicha chai

by NOMURAShunsuke |

Hojicha chai

What is "chai" in the first place?

Boiled milk tea.


The masala of Masala Chai, which I often hear, means that there are various types.


It seems that I know it, and there are many things I don't know, so I did a little research.


Chai has become popular19century.

Tea leaves were made in India, which was a British colony at that time, but it seems that good quality tea leaves were a drink that was conceived to go to England to enjoy the remaining dust tea.


Tea leaves are boiled and made, and the bitterness is strong as it is, so a method was considered to add milk, add sugar to make it sweet, and add spices to bring out the umami.


Nowadays, it is a popular standard drink in the world, but it has such a history.



Senrei Hojicha Chai

Based on the popular Hojicha among the Senrei teas5An original blend of various spices.


The reason why this hojicha chai was born was

I participated in Minakumari's chai workshop, a singer-songwriter, sitar player, graduated from an Indian tea vocational school, and active as a tea blender.

Because I thought that chai is free. .. ..


4In May, a chai workshop and live performance using Minakumari's Senrei tea was planned.(- -;)


A workshop where I like the loose feeling and the frame that I have to do is out of the frame!

It's just my impression.


Due to the influence of corona, the spring event has been postponed.

I pray that the days of gathering with peace of mind will return.

It was autumn that I participated.


After that, isn't it okay to have Hojicha chai? ? I thought, and I made Hojicha Chai, which is now on sale at Senrei.


This Hojicha Chai blend is called the "Rose Gathering" blend.


Ginger powder



Pink pepper

Damask rose


I want to put rosemary

Over the rose, the petals of damask rose were matched with rose-colored pepper, and the roses gathered.


By the way, this rosemary is made by drying the naturally cultivated rosemary in my garden.


Hojicha chai, which was first released, was mixed with hojicha powder to give it a more roasted tea feel.

Currently, powder is no longer included in the products on sale.


The reasons are as follows: (1) The roasted green tea powder makes the appearance roasted brown.

(2) If the powder gets stuck between the bags, the closed part may not adhere well and may open during shipping.


So, some improvements have been made.


And we have received many happy voices from our customers.

・ Refreshing and delicious

・ Easy to drink


・ I feel that my stomach is lighter



First of all, with the autumn owner set

Individual package× 3pHowever, upon request, we have also started selling cans with great value.


And next, I am trying to make a chai blend using sencha!

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