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Enjoy the time

The taste of tea that changes with the seasons

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Owner system


Become an owner and enjoy more

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New tea sent directly from the tea garden

Sprouting tea that grows every day

We will send it with the date of harvest.


Become a tea garden owner

Senrei Tea Garden is looking for owners.

We deliver various types of tea, including new tea.

We also hold dinner parties and workshops.

You don't have to come to farm work.

Of course you can come.

Would you like to join us?


Learn more about the owner system

Drink watered tea

Senrei tea is a tea leaf grown without fertilizer, so
You can make cold brew tea in tens of minutes.
In the hot season
Put watered tea in a water bottle
Please have a drink.

Buy watered green tea

Let's give tea

Some products of Senreicha can be sent with a ribbon.

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Senrei Tea

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